50 tablets         20 mg.

Each tablet contains:

Methyl Drostenolone 20 mg.
Excipients c.s.

Mechanism of Action and Pharmacokinetics

It is characterized by anabolic and androgenic properties, the main indication of these is the treatment of male hypogonadism. It promotes protein synthesis, because it supports the increase of protein at the muscular level. This effect is manifested in a positive nitrogen balance and an improved feeling of well-being. The calcium balance is also positively influenced as it favors the deposition of calcium in the bones. Methandrostenolone is indicated in the treatment of all diseases and conditions in which an anabolic effect (increased protein synthesis) and a general strengthening effect may be needed.


Like testosterone and other anabolic androgens and steroids, they enhance the activity of some drugs and therefore their toxicity. These include cyclosporine, antidiabetics, levothyroxine, anticoagulants such as warfarin. A resistance to neuromuscular blockers has also been described.


The tablet is administered orally in doses of 10 mg.


  • Hypersensitivity to Methandrostenolone.
  • Severe liver failure
  • In prepubertal individuals or in an aggressive state.
  • In pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Adverse reactions

Being a 17-alpha, alkylated substance is associated with hepatotoxicity. The following reactions require medical accompaniment and are common for the use of all testosterones:

Menstrual irregularities in women, irritability of the bladder, gynecomastia. Anaphylaxis, edema, erythrocytocis, gastrointestinal irritation, hypercalcemia and polycythemia, androgenic alopecia, seborrhea and acne in men and women. Carcinoma prostatic hypertrophy and an increase in sexual desire, cholestatic jaundice, excitability, hypercholesterolemia, hypercarlcemia, edema.

In Women: Virilization.

In man: Priapism, oligoesperm, hirsutism, reduction of libido, decrease of the most testicular, functional impotence.

Other adverse reactions are: constipation, nausea, diarrhea, infection, impaired libido, stomach pain, difficulty sleeping, headaches, anxiety, depression, generalized paresthesia, skin rash.


There is no specific antidote, therefore supportive measures should be taken in the case of overdose, such as maintaining permeable airways and monitoring cardiovascular function. In all cases, go to the nearest Assistance Center